Monday, 1 August 2011

Flower Power

This evening I was out in the garden taking time to smell the flowers. I love flowers, all types of flowers, it just does not matter...they all are pretty to me. I have so many flowers in my stash and I love them all, but do not always like to spend the money on them. So I have been making some of my own. This is how you take a "one" bought flower and make it into something glorious. I also call these "sugar" flowers. As they look like they are made of candy...

Here are my starting materials (without the bought flower)

Old pages from a book
organza material
spray mist
rock candy glaze (you can use glue, mod podge, etc
a die to cut flowers
micro beads

Cut out a round circle from the organza, in this case I cut a large and small one. Light a candle and VERY carefully melt the edges of the round circle by coming close to the flame, but do not touch it.

The using your dies (or machine) cut out 4 different sizes of flowers from the old book paper. Set them out and spray them lightly with a mist. While still wet, roll them into balls and let sit for a minute. Unroll them and make them, almost flat. Layer them with the organza between the layers.

Glue everything together and add "bought flower" and brad to the middle of the flower (don't look close, I forget the flower when I took the picture!). Paint the edges randomly with rock candy glaze or other medium. Smother the flower with micro beads. Let set for a few minutes and then shake off excess beads and save them.

Let dry and "TADA" it is done! I am not sure what I am going to do with this one. Maybe make it into a broach. Here are two examples of this technique used in projects.

Three flowers are used on this frame.

Have fun creating your own!!! Hope everyone is having a great summer (or winter) and keep on smelling the flowers!

Love Jennifer


Yatie Tajudin said...

Awesome tutorial, Jennifer. It's definitely a must try!

pysselpetra said...

great tutorial ♥ love the flowers

Susie said...

wonderful frame and those flowers are awesome