Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Puffed Up Paper Stars

Hey everyone!! Yatie here, back with another altered project. This week I have a tutorial on how to make puffed up paper stars which you could use as embellishment for you scrapbooking layouts or other paper projects. 

Ok, first off these are the things that you will need:

1. Paper strips, patterned or otherwise (9" x 3/8")
2. Glue tape
3. Scissors
Take one strip and tie it into a knot at one end.

Try to pull it slowly and carefully to make the knot flat.

Cut off the short end 

Take the longer end and fold it over the flattened knot, following the fold of the knot
and aligning the edges. 

Keep folding it over and over until you come to the end of the strip.

Snip off any excess.

You can tuck the end into one of the folds but I choose to apply glue tape and adhere.
Easier and faster.

Now you'll have a flat folded star with 5 sides.

This is the difficult part to explain but I'll try my best. Using your fingernails, push in the
sides of the star, midway between one corner to another. 

Go around the sides and push them all towards the middle with your nails. The star
will automatically start to puff up.

You'll get a cute little star like this.

Here's a bunch of them. Cute no?

Here's a layout I did using those cute little puffed up stars.

So that's my tutorial for this week. Hope you'll try this out.

Happy crafting!!


Nathalie said...

Thank you for the tutorial! The stars are adorable and I LOVE how you used them on your page!!!

Susie said...

super cute Yatie! love the stars and the layout is awesome

pinkalishious said...

thats amazing they are so cute!!

Michelle Viaje said...

i used to make these stars when i was yound ..awesome using them on a layout!

Scrappin Abby said...

Very cute idea...can't wait to try these out on my own projects. Super cute layout too...thanks for sharing : )