Sunday, 29 May 2011

Hair Clip's By Anna Sigga

Let me introuduce you to Anna Sigga, she created these beautiful hair clips & you can find more of her work here,


I decided to make cute hair-clips using a cheap clips and my scrapbook supplies.

Hope you like.

1. Supplies: two large hair-clips, felt flowers, fabric, rhinestones
and a hot glue gun.

2. Start by cutting the fabric into two circles - they should be just
a bit larger than the flowers you plan on using. Adhere the flowers to
the fabric circles.

3. Put a medium size drop of hot-glue on at the end of the clips and
press firmly. Be careful cause the clips will heat up from the glue,
so be careful when pressing.

4. When the glue has dried/cooled add rhinestones to make the flowers
fit for a princess. These hair-clips will make any lil princess smile
- I know my princess was really happy with her new bling. ;o)



Anna Sigga

..If you would like to see your work here send me a tutorial at For a chance to win a rak each month!!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Alterd Project DT Call

Alterd project DT call

I'm calling everyone that likes to alter thing's, any thing, anything that can be alterd or made with scrapbook paper, paint, small home objects, etc
I would like to get together a small group of girls to join me here design team for the blog, if you've had experience with presenting tutorials for what you make that would be a bonus but no other experience needed just good clear picture's & details of your picture's & expaining clearly what you are doing. Providing inspiration for your viewer's.

The term will be for 6 months, you'l be using the blog yourself, although you dont have to? there will be a small rak each month for each design team member, I am hoping later on in the term that we could get some sponsors for this as there will be competitions & prizes for our viewer's also.

If you are interested in becoming a member of this fantastic new blog or you would like to be our sponsor please email be details of your work to along with a link to your personal blog once you become a member of the board your name & blog will be highlighted on the blog, sponsor's with have thier button put up in the traffic bar, links & lots of attention!!

You can email me until the 28th june & the new team will be announced 1 st july good luck!!

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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Here's the first taste of whats to come...

Isnt that gorgeous!!!! & here's how i created it, i have been meaning to do something like this now for some time, i had the glitterd fairy sillohette from a broken christmas decoration & the idea came from there, then i seen this googled something one day & found this quote, here's how i put everything together

I used a material called fablon, in some places its called sticky back plastic or vinyl? I cut my letter's using my slice at all different size's          

I then drew with a pencil soft grid lines so my lettering does'nt look too wonky!!
& stuck down all my letters in place
Taking care as to where im wanting to put the fairy
Once all my letters were in place i dabbed on 2 different shade of pink, i had a little helper see, it's for her room so she wanted to help, lol
& left it to dry

Make sure it's properly dry before you start to peel off the letter's, i did this using a craft knife & carefully lifting the sticker's until i can pull them off

When all the stickers were off, i had some letter's showing with pencil line's, i just erased them out!

& the finshed product in pride of place in my daughter's bedroom

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Alterd Project Inc is BORN 17.5.2011

Let me tell you more about this blog,  its all about ppl like you who like to alter thing's, put up tutorial's picture's, word's, decribing to the world how you made this fab creation, you can put up a tutorial about how your scrapbook page is put together or how you alterd a piece of drabby furniture into a much better creation,that you did!! its a great way to get yourself out there a bit more, to inpsire other's to create art, to get the mojo a flowin or just for a good read?
You can either send me your tutorial or post it up on the blog yourself, please let me know if you want to add anything & every month there will be some kind of RAK to win also, it could be something to alter or a small scrap package? I will eventually be looking for sponsor's as this blog grow's but for now the RAK will be small, please add this button to your blog's, tell poeple about this place on your personal blog & spread the word!!

Thank you
Posted by: sarah