Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Here's the first taste of whats to come...

Isnt that gorgeous!!!! & here's how i created it, i have been meaning to do something like this now for some time, i had the glitterd fairy sillohette from a broken christmas decoration & the idea came from there, then i seen this googled something one day & found this quote, here's how i put everything together

I used a material called fablon, in some places its called sticky back plastic or vinyl? I cut my letter's using my slice at all different size's          

I then drew with a pencil soft grid lines so my lettering does'nt look too wonky!!
& stuck down all my letters in place
Taking care as to where im wanting to put the fairy
Once all my letters were in place i dabbed on 2 different shade of pink, i had a little helper see, it's for her room so she wanted to help, lol
& left it to dry

Make sure it's properly dry before you start to peel off the letter's, i did this using a craft knife & carefully lifting the sticker's until i can pull them off

When all the stickers were off, i had some letter's showing with pencil line's, i just erased them out!

& the finshed product in pride of place in my daughter's bedroom

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teacher jessy said...

What a gorgeous canvas!! Love the ballerina!

Tanya Tahir said...

this is so pretty!!!

Ness said...

oh this is so very pretty Sarah, thanks for sharing. Ness xx

Laurence said...

Wow what a nice tutorial !

Brenda said...

love this....thanks for sharing!