Friday, 1 July 2011

Making Something from Nothing.....!

Hi, it is Jennifer here! My first post, well I hope you like it. I am always trying to use found items or "recycle" items that are discarded. I call it Making Something from Nothing!! well almost the other day we were having a picnic and having some pasta salad. After we finished I looked at the container the pasta came in and said to my husband I was taking them home to make something...he rolled his here it is...

Starting with the container and some cork..

I gathered up the rest of the items I wanted to use. Ribbon, serviettes, buttons, fabric leaves, stamp, tag and nestability and machine.

First I started by tracing the lid of the container on the cork and cut it out to fit the lid. And glued it in place.

Then I cut out the serviettes with a scalloped die, using 3 different size and made three of each size.

Then I took each cut out and scrunched it into a ball and un-rolled it. Then several layers were glued together.

Then I added the ribbon to the container. Stamped the butter fly image on the tag and glued that down. One it was dry I added the leaves to the top as well.

Then I added the flower, put a button and an embelli in the middle and added an additional button to the site and TADA....Something out of Nothing! I added some jelly beans to it and it is sitting on my desk. I am sure it won't stay filled for too long.

Well that is it for now. Hope everyone has fun creating some altered items! Happy Canada Day for those that live in Canada, Happy July 4th for those in the US and Happy "whatever" day "where ever" you live in the world.

Love Jennifer


Yatie Tajudin said...

Awesome altered project, Jennifer!! That certainly is making something out of nothing. LIKE!!!

Casey Lu said...

A very cute project!

shafarina said...

Hey there, came here from Yatie's blog.

I store ribbons and embellishments in mini plastic containers like this one, and your project inspires me to turn them containers to just like yours. :)

HarmonySweetpea said...

Such a sweet way to use something you would have otherwise thrown out. Great idea!

Kelly-ann said...

Super cute!! :)

Annika said...

I totally love this! The flower is awsome, and the whole thing so stinkin cute! =)

Rach H said...

Super cute!! Love it!