Thursday, 16 June 2011

Ribbon Topiary Tree

Hi guys, im going to share with you today, this beautiful topiary tree that me & my DD have been working on.

I will use it for decorating the house when it comes to birthday's, anniversary's, easter, valentine's, the list is endless as it can be so versatile!!! I will be making a few more of these also, maybe in different colour's, i did think of doing some black ones for halloween!! They are so simple & easy to make.

You will need...
Some strips of ribbon
A polystyrene ball
A chipboard plant pot {or other?}
A wooden rod
White paint
Some pins
Sequins &/or other type {buttons?}
Floral foam or oasis
Needle & thread

Take a piece of ribbon & fold it in half, do not crease!

With your cotton thread, double it through the needle & tie a not at the end, so your thread doesnt come all the way though the fabric, kwim? Now start to thread the needle in & out of the ribbon

You can pull as you go, just to size up how much ribbon you'l need or to cut off any access

When you finished, pull tight & stitch the ends together


Once you have done this with all of your piece's of ribbon you can start to put together your tree, with a pin, sequin & flower, take the pin & thread it through the sequin, then the flower.


& push it into the polystyrene ball

It will look like this

Do this covering the whole of the ball, leaving a little gap for the wooden rod to be put in place, If you have any smaller gap's, you can fill them in with a sequin of bead as i have done here.


{I had picture's for this part, but accidently deleted them} I then painted my chipboard plant pot & wooden rod in white, but you can choose your own colour's, to what you have?

Using the end of a pair of sissor's carefully counterfit a hole into the ball & add your rod, you may need to use a bit of glue?

Add your floral foam/oasis into the pot & push the rod down into, you may want to use glue, but i found you dont really need to?

So now im left with this & i was going to add some fake moss, but as my tree is all white, i found some creape paper {which i already had anyway} & did this

This is where i did use glue to keep the paper in the pot, & to finish the tree

Hope you like it & if you decide to do somthing like this be sure to post it here or leave a link!!

This month there will be a "my scrapbbok nook"
may kit to win, so come on girl's get creating!!!

Sarah x


Gisèle said...

Wow, so gorgeous and easy to make, gonna have to try that, tks a bunch!!!

HarmonySweetpea said...

So pretty. Perfect for wedding centrepieces.

Anita said...

So stunning, great job. Hugs.

Susie said...

that is so pretty! great tutorial too

Alanna said...

That sounds slightly time consuming for a slow person such as myself... but it looks SO GOOD!! Putting it on my to do list!

Alanna said...

Do you suggest any specific type of ribbon? Or suggest we stay away from any? Would normal grosgrain ribbon do the trick do you think?

pinkalishious said...

Hi alanna i would say, try it, with grosgrain, it would be more of a thicker texture, but it would still work!

Alanna said...

Okay... I have to ask another question! How wide is the ribbon you use? Because I just tried to make one and mine is the size of my little fingernail LOL.

Alanna said...

I DID IT!! Hehe :) I ended up using about a 3cm piece of ribbon (biggest width I had) and it worked :)


Now I'm off to spotlight tomorrow to find ribbon that wide in a nicer colour ;)

Becky J said...

So very pretty, tutorial is very easy to follow!

Rach H said...

Sooooo pretty!